These 20 Kick-ass Grandpas Are More Badass Than You

No matter their age, these awesome grandpas are perhaps the most badass people you’ll meet. They’re the perfect example of what most of us want to be when we grow old – from grandpas dressed as Princess Leia, to bodybuilding at 60, or even skydiving.

Here are 20 photos of the most badass grandpas who only seem to get cooler with age. Is your grandpa a badass too?

95-year Old WWII Dive Bomber Grandpa Goes Skydiving

Ahead of You

Grandpa Posts Silly Selfies on Facebook… Too Cute for Words!

Care for Some Chicken?

This 90-year Old Grandpa Is More Techie Than Us!

My 89-year Old Grandfather Showing ‘Em How Its Done

Thanks Grampa!

When You See It. 🙂

How Cute Is This Grandpa Dressed as Princess Leia?

He’s 75 and a Retired Romanian Army Colonel. Don’t You Wish You’re As Hot As Him?

Cheeky Grandpa

Grandpa Ready to Kick Ass

Wanna Be BFF’s with This Grandpa!

So My Grandpa Got Bored at A Party…

84-year Old Man Climbing A Tree. Scary or Amazing?

What A Badass!

Husbands, Hide Your Wives Quick!

Who You Gonna Call?

Nobody Can Get Away Wearing Penis Nose Glasses But Him

We Found Batman!