These Awesome Arched Cabins Are Like Tiny Mansions


If you've ever dreamed of living in a beautiful mansion, but have a budget that's more Roseanne than Rockefeller, then you might want to take a look at one of these gorgeous cabin homes from Houston, TX company Arched Cabins. Looking at the interior of these cabins, you'd think the photos were taken in some incredible mansion, but really it's just one of these luxurious Arched Cabins. With prices starting at around $4,000, excluding delivery, this is a luxury home that won't break the bank! However, you do have to be aware that bigger cabins with upgrades cost more, so if you want that gorgeous beamed mezzanine and a deck out front, it will cost you extra. Even so, an Arched Cabin is still extremely affordable with all the upgrades, so you could be living in a tiny, yet stunningly beautiful, home.

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What do you think of these cabins? Would you live in a home like this, or do you think they'd be better as vacation retreats?