People Who Have Been Engaged Forever With No Wedding In Sight

Becoming engaged is an exiting thing. The prospect that you are going to marry the person you love is pretty wonderful. However, some people find their engagements being drawn out, with no actual wedding in sight. For certain couples, this is a good thing in the long run. For others, not so much! Here we have a list of people who feel like they have been engaged forever without the actual marriage part! Take a look and see what you make of the situations!
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Well at least these people didn’t have to go through a divorce. Sometimes a lengthy engagement can be a good thing! 

Maybe this couple could do a simple low cost wedding then celebrate later on in life with their dream wedding when they can afford it…

This is a very, very bad sign. We hope that this person ended their relationship before actually cheating. 

Sometimes time shows us that we aren’t meant to be. 

We think ‘too long’ will vary from person to person! However, getting mad simply at the wedding being brought up isn’t a good sign. 

We can understand and appreciate this woman’s concerns. 

What’s stopping you?

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This made us really sad to read. We hope that this person found some friends! 

One positive of a long engagement is that you test the relationship more. 

Congratulations guys! We hope your wedding was everything you wanted and more! 

It sounds like this person needs to end their relationship. 

We have a feeling that this person is not to blame. 

Only the person who wrote this can answer the question. 

We’ve never heard anything like this before!