Here’s How You Can Make A Stunning Bookshelf From Old Grocery Crates

Do you ever find yourself envious of other people’s homes and the furniture that they behold? Maybe you’ve been wanting to redecorate your own house for a while but can’t afford it or haven’t found anything you liked yet. Well, here we present what could be a great addition to your home! Costing hardly anything, these unique bookshelves can be made in a few simple steps and personalized to the space and design that suits you. Take a look, we may just have found your next project!
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Before you start, you’ll need these items:
– wooden crates 

– wood varnish and a large paint brush
– a drill and some screws
– wood glue
– large binder clips

grocery crates

To start, vanish all of your crates. It may be a little time consuming but this gives the shelves such a nice finish. 

varnishing grocery crates

Next, stack the crates in a pattern of your choosing.

grocery crates bookshelf

Place the wood glue in the necessary areas…

grocery crates glue together

You can use this image for reference on how much glue to use.

grocery crates glue in place

Then use your large binder clips to hold the crates in position.

grocery crates bookshelf binder crates

Allow the crates to dry over night.

grocery crates leave to dry

Next, you need to screw the crates together. 

grocery crates fixed into place

Two screws on each side should suffice.

grocery crates screw together

And, that’s it! So simple, right? Now you can organize your possessions on your lovely new shelves.

grocery crates decorate as chosen

We just love a project that even those who aren’t used to DIY can complete with ease.

bookshelf made from grocery crates

Here’s a video of all of the steps…