This Lego Tape Lets You Transform Any Surface Into A Lego Compatible Area

Lego is something that the generations before us have enjoyed. Despite ‘The Lego Group’ being founded way back in 1932, the building brick style toys are just as popular today, if not more so than many years ago. It’s an invention that although extremely fun to play with, has its limitations, for example only being able to be used on a flat surface or specially designed Lego mat. However, a new invention called ‘Lego Tape’ has surfaced and it’s a complete game changer. Take a look below to find out its features and to see some of its capabilities!
Website: Indiegogo

It can be cut…

lego tape cutting

It can be stuck to almost anything…

lego tape examples

Now you can decorate your fridge with Lego designs!

lego tape on fridge

It is flexible so can be curved.

lego tape around sink

It’s adhesive backing ensures it stays in place.

lego tape bendy

It is reusable!

lego tape on bike bars

Two rolls cost $11 whilst you could get 10 rolls for $50. 

lego tape on a wall

The Lego tape was launched on Indiegogo hoping to raise $8,000. However the idea was loved so much it has surpassed its goal by over $500,000 dollars!

lego tape on shoe

You can currently pre-order the tape.

lego tape on shelves

Here are a few reactions to the new invention…

lego tape watch enemies burn
lego tape make slippers

Take a look at the tape in action here!