Awesome Inventions You Need Right Now To Make Life Easier

Here at Awesome Inventions, we’re constantly looking for ways we can make life that little bit easier. Whether it’s a fast and easy way to wash your pet dog, or a way to make sure that horrible, stinky onion juice doesn’t cover your fingers when you’re making dinner, we like to offer a helping hand. The following cool inventions make so many annoying aspects of life that bit better. Some of them are totally ingenious! Check them out and let us know which is your favorite in the comments! 

This light bulb business card is a bright idea!

bulb business card

This handy clip spoon will never get lost!

clip spoon

Wake up on time every time with a coffee!

coffee alarm clock

Enjoy beautifully citrus-fragranced air with this mini humidifier!

lemon humidifier

If you’re OCD about your breakfast, you’ll love this handy pan.

five dish pan

There’s an extra door on this washing machine so you’ll never forget to put your socks in the wash again!

extra load washing machine

This easy-to-use plug lights up to remind you you’ve left your device plugged in.

easy use plug

Washing your pooch is child’s play with this gadget.

dog shower

Locate your lost phone with ease with this sensor and mobile app.

pixie sensor

Hate getting onion juice on your hands when you’re cooking? Then this is the gadget for you!

onion holder

Sick of people stealing your spread? You need this jar lock to keep your yummy treats safe!

lid lock

These awesome bed leg covers have power outlets and USBs so you never run out of charge.

power point bed legs

These light up heartbeat pillows allow you to feel close to your loved one wherever you both are!

sensor pillows

A portable smartphone keyboard!

smartphone keyboard

Measuring is quick and easy with this digital spoon.

spoon scales