28 Of The Best Teachers That Make For Great Educators

When you think back to your school days, you’ll probably recall the teachers that you really didn’t like and then the teachers that you got on with really well. However, not all of us had what we could say is a brilliant teacher that went above and beyond for us, which is really quite sad. Despite this, educators like the ones we just described do exist all over the world. Here we have 28 of the best teachers that are sure to put a smile on your face. Take a look and see if any of your own teachers compare!

These 3 teachers work together each year to ensure they create awesome yearbook pictures!

An art teacher with a brilliant talent…

A fair few students would qualify for this award, however, the parents of the ‘winners’ probably wouldn’t be too happy with this ‘achievement’!

Waiting patiently to bust a student for smoking in the toilets…

A student bought their child to class because she couldn’t afford a nanny. When the child wouldn’t stop crying, the teacher scooped him up, soothed him and carried on teaching without batting an eyelid.

Well, how can you argue with this? Also, adorable cat.

Best Teachers cats are liquids


These chalk drawings are incredible! How sad is it that they get wiped away?

The kind of homework you’d be glad to receive…

One caring teacher wanted to ensure that her students were fed before their exams.

This awesome guy didn’t have a world map. So, he created his own!

This guy’s students were told if they all got A’s he would come in dressed as Scooby Doo with kid’s champagne.

Best Teachers dressed as scooby doo


One of the students in this teacher’s class said ‘I’m glad gays can’t marry here… they scare me, kind of like clowns’. The teacher is actually gay himself and this was his response the next day!

The little girl in the image below had been bullied. So, her teacher copied her hairstyle to boost her confidence!

Here we have a teacher taking part in a fundraiser… $1 per piece of tape!

It’s truly heartwarming to see how much some of these incredible teachers care about their students. We also think it’s fantastic that they make such a huge effort to make learning comfortable and enjoyable. With these sorts of people as role models, we are willing to bet that majority of the students taught by them turned out wonderfully. We’ve got even more brilliant images showing the best teachers coming up so keep on scrolling to see more!

There is a teacher in Montana who creates monster sculptures with their students and then plots them in random places!

This teacher was overcome with emotion when his students got him a birthday cake.

This lovely teacher often brings abandoned kittens that she finds into class.

Getting your phone taken away sucks, however, getting it back like this is hilarious!

Getting to class in style…

When you solve the equation behind ‘merry x-mas’ and feel really proud of yourself…

This teacher allowed her students to draw on her dress on the last day of school!

A student vs teacher doodle battle!

This teacher wore the same outfit for school photos for 40 years!

More students need to be aware of this, so, we hope that numerous copies were printed out!

Instead of getting angry at a student falling asleep, this teacher tied the culprits shoe laces together!

This teacher wore pajamas to exams to protest about the fact they started too early.

Best Teachers wearing pyjamas


How to show the student’s who’s the boss!

All of these teachers are great. But, this one really touched us. The little boy has cancer but his teacher makes sure to visit him everyday to fill him in on the things he missed at school… incredible!