Brutal Tweets About Celebrities That They Were Asked To Read Themselves

When you’re a celebrity, it comes with the territory that not everyone is going to be a fan of yours. In fact, you’ll have those who adore you and those who despise you. Today, we’re going to focus on people who don’t have the nicest things to say about some of your favorite and most well known celebs. Taken from the ‘Celebrity Mean Tweets’ segment of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, there are some truly brutal opinions and insults thrown into the mix. Take a look below to see the varying reactions of some brutal tweets about celebrities! 

Bette Midler

This is quite an achievement when you take gender into consideration! 

Bill Simmons

Well, when he pulls that face… 

Bryan Cranston

We love Bryan Cranston, always!

Collin Farrell

What do depressed couch farts smell like? Actually, we don’t want to know! 

Daniel Radcliffe

We would have to disagree here! 

David Blaine

That is one hell of a brilliant insult. 


Drake looks like he’s really questioning whether or not the tweet is true! 

Ed Sheeran

Don’t listen to the haters, Ed! 

Ethan Hawke

The face that jokingly says ‘it’s true’! We love Ethan! 

Jessica Alba

A low blow for Jessica… 

Justin Bieber

Justin does not look impressed! 

Kathy Griffin

We don’t perceive redheads that way at all!

Kristen Stewart

We must have missed the part where Kristen used to be a boy… 

Lisa Kudrow

Ah, Lisa. We miss you as Phoebe! 

We really admire the attitudes of these celebrities. It’s not an easy thing to hear people’s nasty and negative opinions but most of these guys took it in their stride. Many of them even found the tweets to be funny! Just like us normal folk, celebrities have feelings too. To keep your confidence and sanity intact, the best thing you can do is ignore, or laugh, at the negative opinions of others, which these celebs seem to have nailed. Keep going to see even more brutal tweets about celebrities! 

Magic Johnson

However many there are, they are wonderfully straight and white! 

Matthew Perry

You’ll never beat the king of jokes! 

Michael Strahan

What a lovely smile Michael has…

Mumford & Sons

An unexpected ending at its finest… 

One Direction

Aww, we don’t think their hair is gross! 

Paul Rudd

This awesome guy knows how to laugh at himself!

Russell Crowe

Another brilliant selection of words for an insult. You can tell some of these celebs are impressed! 

Ryan Gosling

It sounds like @dtak might have a partner who has a thing for Ryan Gosling! 

Tilda Swinton

That dog is rather adorable, so, we wouldn’t be offended at this. 

Toby Maguire

This is one theory we feel lacks sufficient evidence…

Tom Hanks

Tom’s face is like ‘what did I just read’..?

Willie Nelson

Willie looks pretty happy with his dedicated tweet! 

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz is like ‘do you want to see my bank account’? 

Zac Efron

Don’t you just love it when people make informed opinions on things that they have researched?