People Share Their Stories Of Addiction To Plastic Surgery

The pursuit of a perfect look has led plenty of women and men to go under the knife. As time changes, the archetype of the ideal image also changes. This is why more and more people want to measure up to the society’s beauty standards by undergoing procedures. But when is enough, enough? And are people aware when they have an addiction to plastic surgery? Here are some people who are willing to open up about this topic. Take a look! 

Break free and simplify your goals.

Addiction can hit at any age.

Addiction to pain is a bit alarming. Better see a psychologist.

The financial toll of plastic surgery addiction.

When you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore…

Just can’t get enough.

This is the influence of society’s unrealistic standard of beauty to young people.

Addiction knows no boundaries.

Happiness is a matter of choice.

Plastic surgery makes me high.

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There’s only so much you can take.

The absolute dilemma of addiction is yet to come.

It’s impossible to build self-confidence without raising self-esteem.

It was good while it lasted.

When too much is too little…

No more pretending.

Learn to let go of your hurtful past and look positively ahead.

No one can be perfect. It’s just impossible.

Some people enjoy the thrill and fear of their lives.

You better stop before you fall into the endless pit of addiction.