Artist Elisa Roche Uses An Unlikely Object As Her Canvass


Elisa Roche likes to draw and doodle on a very unusual canvas: bananas. Roche isn't a professional artist by any means, in fact she's a trained chef, which might account for her preference toward fruit. She documents her banana art on her popular Instagram page Fun With Fruit. Her page has become such a hit that it was even featured in Vogue. Roche's banana art is indeed fun and we love the whimsical nature of both the medium and the drawings themselves. She draws her inspiration from almost anything around her, from movies to music to china patterns. If you've ever drawn on a banana with a ballpoint pen, you'll know how satisfying it is, but Roche's banana art is much more impressive than most!

Website: Fun With Fruit















Not only are these pieces great on their own, we love the way Roche stages her bananas to give them extra life and meaning. It's just a shame that the originals end up getting eaten. We wonder if she saves the skins.