My Ex-Husband’s Family Still Talks To Me – Women Share Their Stories

When you marry a man, you also marry his family. His parents become your parents and his siblings become yours. Whether you like them or not, you need to be a part of your husband’s family. But when the marriage comes to an end, you’ll have to detach yourself from your ex-husband’s family in order to move on. However, this is not always the case for all women. Sometimes, the bond you had with your ex-husband’s family is too strong that it’s hard to break away from. There’s nothing wrong if your ex-husband’s family still talks to you. It only shows how they’ve loved you as a family.


These women will tell you why they still keep in touch with their ex-husband’s family.



The daughter she never had.

When they love you more than their own flesh and blood.

Haters gonna hate.

The kind of love that can never be broken.

Once a family, always a family.

A mother-in-law can be a mother-in-life.

The ideal family you never had.

If your ex-husband’s family still talks to you, it means that they see you as a close friend and not as an estranged wife.


There are connections that can’t be cut easily.

It’s none of his business anyway.

Only cut ties with those who don’t deserve it.

Relationships can end but memories are forever.

We can still be friends.

It’s not weird at all.

Let them witness that you moved on.

A deeper kind of friendship is formed.

Family is not those you share your blood but those who you share your life with.

Falling out of love with the man while falling in love with his parents.

It’s definitely hard to forget someone who you’ve treated as a daughter.

A good man deserves a queen. Too bad my ex-husband was not.