Benjamin Kreze Creates Sculptures So Small You Will Need A Magnifying Glass Just To See Them


Benjamin Kreze is an artist who works in all kinds of mediums. He's a painter, a photographer and creates new media installations. However, some of his most striking works are his miniature graphite sculptures. Kreze sculpts his creations into the graphite "leads" inside pencils, which makes his pieces ridiculously tiny. When he exhibits these sculptures, each one has a hand magnifying glass next to it, so that viewers can see all the details. However, when Kreze sculpts them, he does so with his naked eye. This painstaking process requires a gentle touch and lots of patience. The short film "Art of Pencil" Kreze recounts how he had to redo the same sculpture nine times because it kept breaking at the last minute. Check out these sculptures and just imagine how much effort must go into them!

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If you want to learn more about Benjamin Kreze and his graphite sculptures, check out this three minute short film, Art of Pencil.



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