Awesome Acts Of Vandalism You Can Actually Appreciate

Vandalism is something that is often looked down upon. And, in many cases, this is totally understandable as it can be seen as an eyesore and a nuisance to public society. However, some people (particularly artists) have the ability to improve any surroundings with awesome acts of vandalism. Here we have a list of examples that we think proves the previous statement to be true. Take a look at the talent displayed below and decide for yourself!

Creative Vandalism

Finally, someone that cares about protecting dandelions! 

You would not want to mess with this agitated hook! 

‘Final Destination’ moments are not limited to humans, it seems. 

What a splendid hairstyle! The floral look is totally in fashion. 

It always baffles us how people can create such wonderful art on a canvas this large! 

Some people are excellent at seeing the potential in mundane things. 

A tiny rain forest for ants! 

It’s amazing what a burst of color can do to an area, don’t you think?

What an adorable sight to stumble upon!

This nature inspired piece suits its surroundings perfectly. 

It seems that Spongebob Squarepants has had an awful accident. 

What an interesting way to portray art! 

Simple designs can still look brilliant. 

Popeye wouldn’t be the same without his trusty spinach!