Random Encounters That Happened At Bus Stops

Millions of people travel by bus each day. Which means there are many of us who spend some time waiting around at bus stops. Generally, this experience is pretty routine and mundane. However, every now and again, strange, amusing and unbelievable occurrences happen. Here we have a list of random encounters that happened at bus stops. There’s some truly shocking people that we share this world with! Take a look!
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Random Encounters That Happened At Bus Stops

Because the bus stop is an entirely appropriate place to make such offers to people?! 

Sometimes the Disney vibes just flow through you uncontrollably! 

Wow. We wonder what goes on in this household?!

We don’t know whether this is brilliant or strange. Maybe both?!

If you harass someone prepare for them to defend themselves! 

We weren’t expecting that.

The things some people do when they think no one is looking is crazy. 

Sometimes a small thing can change your entire perspective on a subject! 

That will teach them to have a bit more consideration for others! 

Those of you who can’t stand having the hiccups will appreciate this. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures! 

What a waste of a Starbucks drink! They are always the best when freshly made…

This person’s life could have changed in the blink of an eye. 

Ultimate troll skills! Let’s hope the guy wasn’t too traumatized!