This Architect Transformed An Old Cement Factory Into A Stunning Home

There’s no shortage of beautiful homes in this world but we have a soft spot for the ones that are wonderfully unique. In 1973 architect Ricardo Bofill came across a dilapidated cement factory and decided to turn it into something spectacular. Located just outside of Barcelona, the structure has had a lot done to it, but it is still a work in progress to this day. Take a look below for some incredible images of the awesome transformation so far and prepare to be blown away!
Website: RicardoBofill

An aerial view of the factory-home!

cement-factory-home outside shot

The entire structure is covered in wonderful greenery…

cement-factory-home romantic ruin

…including grass, eucalyptus, palm and olive trees!

cement-factory-home outdoors

The whole area looks spectacular.

cement-factory-home top view

So many different details have been added.

cement-factory-home grass exterior

We would absolutely love to go on a tour of this place!

cement-factory-home greenery

You’d be forgiven for expecting to see a run down and out dated interior.

cement-factory-home doors

But, due to the outside transformation you have already seen, we’re sure you’ve guessed that the inside is going to be awesome too!

cement-factory-home tunnel

Each room and area of the home is uniquely designed.

cement-factory-home unique home

The decor is just beautiful.

cement-factory-home lounge area

And, much more modern than you might expect.

cement-factory-home interior

Is this somewhere you would like to live? Let us know in the comments below!

cement-factory-home room