15 Funny And Crazy Design Ideas That Should Not Exist

Being creative and innovative are essential features for being a great designer. But, what happens when they go a little too wild with their creations? Take a look at our collection of funny and crazy design ideas that should not exist! Some of these are just mind boggling!

This is totally bizarre!

A curtain design that will scare anyone who enters the bathroom!

Taking ‘open wide’ to a whole new level!

Hold my hand and never let go.

Here’s one die-hard fan of Steve Buscemi.

Who thinks… I’ll cut off Barbie’s head and use it as a choker?

Let these toes hold the toothbrush for you.

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Can I have some milk?

People these days are spoiled for choice.

The art of camouflage.

This toilet paper looks captivating.

Janie’s got a gun! Oh wait…

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question.

When your dress makes you look like you have a giant head..!

Taking ‘ripped’ jeans to the highest level.