You’ll Never Look At Movies The Same Once You See These Miniature Film Sets Used For Blade Runner 2049

For those who have already seen ‘Blade Runner 2049’, you’ll know that it beholds incredible visuals. Even if you weren’t a huge fan of the film itself, there’s no denying the impressive settings. You may be surprised to learn that the movie did not just rely on CGI. Miniature models were expertly made to create many of the amazing scenes. Below we have a range of awesome photos showing the miniature film sets used for Blade Runner 2049 that were crafted by ‘Weta Workshop’. Take a look!
Website: WetaWorkshop

As you can see, the miniatures aren’t actually that small…

In fact, the better term to call these models is bigatures. 

A huge amount of time and effort went into creating these pieces. 

The attention to detail shown is nothing short of incredible. 

The L.A.P.D building came in at 4.5 meters high.

We would never have guessed that many of the scenes were using models rather than just CGI. 

We would certainly class these bigatures as works of art. 

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The people over at ‘Weta Workshop’ are evidently extremely talented. 

It must have been super exiting and fulfilling to see everything come to life. 

We are in awe at how realistic the models are! 

Weta Workshop has also worked on other hit films such as ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. 

We would love to have been a part of this process! 

Each building would take around a week to build on average. 

Now that you know all of this information, watching Blade Runner 2049 might provide you with a different experience!