There’s A Dr Pepper Candle That Comes In A Can And Actually Smells Just Like The Drink

Can’t get enough of Dr Pepper? We understand your obsession with this carbonated softdrink but it would be detrimental to your health if you keep drinking it 24/7. But with this Dr Pepper Candle, you can make your room smelling like this soda pop brand 24/7. If your fixation with Dr Pepper has come to the degree that you want everything to smell like it then you’re getting what you wish for. This Dr Pepper Candle doesn’t only look like the real thing but it also smells like the real softdrink. So, you’ll feel like you’re drinking and drowning in a room filled with Dr Pepper soda all the time.

dr pepper candle

The Dr Pepper Candle is created by Etsy shop 716CandleCo. Each hand-poured candle is made from soy wax infused with Dr Pepper-scented fragrance oil. This scented candle provides over 40 hours of burn time with virtually no black soot. As it burns up, it gives off a distinctive Dr Pepper scent that will transport your soda-loving senses to another dimension.

dr pepper scented candle

This Dr Pepper Candle comes in actual soda can and gives off a soda fragrance when burned up

dr pepper candle soy wax

What’s more, each candle comes in a recycled Dr Pepper can containing around 10oz of scented soy wax. This soda-scented candle can make an interesting piece of décor as well.

One happy buyer wrote:

“Looks exactly the way it does in the photo and is not flimsy in any way. I was amazed at how much it smells like Dr Pepper and had to let everyone else smell it as well. Would definitely buy again and recommend others to buy as well.”

Get the Dr Pepper candle here and indulge yourself in the addictive fragrance of your favorite softdrink brand.

If you’re more into Coke or Pepsi, no worries because 716CandleCo has you covered. The shop also offers other soda-scented candles for all types of soda lovers. Check out the shop’s entire collection of soda can candles and choose your preferred scent.