Artist Jordan Mang-osan Harnesses The Power Of The Sun To Create Beautiful Works Of Art


Jordan Mang-osan creates art with a difference. Rather than using paints and pencils he harnesses the power of the sun. Pyrography which is also known as fire art, involves creating burn marks on a base material. Many pyrographers use tools such as lasers or burners however Mang-osan's only tools are his magnifying glass and the sun. Living in an art colony in the Philippines, Mang-osan has been practicing the art since he was a young boy.


Mang-osan creates his pieces by initially line drawing them on wood, spending months thereafter using his magnifying glass to concentrate the heat from the sun to create the shapes and lines which bring his work to life. The artist prides himself on the way in which his art both preserves and is representative of his culture. Check out his work below and imagine ever having the patience to spend all those weeks creating a pyrography masterpiece. 
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