These 3D Sphere Bookshelves Look Like They’re Emerging From Within The Wall

Contemporary design has revolutionized ordinary furniture into decorative works of art, incorporating functionality and aesthetics. So when the 3D Sphere Bookshelf became viral on the internet, many people wanted to know where they could buy it. And it’s easy to see why people wanted this modern piece of furniture so badly. It doesn’t just neatly display your books but it also provides a cool piece of wall décor to complement your indoor space.

This wall-mounted 3D Sphere Bookshelf creates an illusion of being partially sunk into the wall. It has several horizontal shelves and vertical studs to help you sort your books. Additionally, its spherical shape offers shelves of different depths which makes it perfect for storing large and small books. This pre-made piece of furniture comes with mounting hardware to help you mount it to your wall with ease. The fasteners will be hidden when mounted to give the bookshelf a seamless appearance of ‘sinking into the wall’.


3D Sphere Bookshelf

3d sphere bookshelf

The good news is, this amazing 3D Sphere Bookshelf isn’t that hard to find. We’ve found three Etsy shops selling these easy-to-assemble bookshelves complete with mounting hardware and assembly instructions. We also found various shops offering digital plans for this trending half-sphere bookshelf if you prefer to do it your own.


Geometric Sphere Shelf

geometric circular wall-mounted shelf


half-sphere shelf

This version is made up of 10 separate CNC-machined pieces that easily slip together to form the geometric shelf. It is made from furniture-grade birch hardwood ply, unpainted and unstained. When fully assembled, it should measure 48 x 48 x 6.5 inches. Get it here.


Wall Library

wall-mounted 3d sphere bookshelf


wall mount 3d sphere bookshelf

This shelf consists of 13 pieces: 7 horizontal shelves and 6 vertical studs. The standard size is 86.6 x 92 x 11.4 inches. However, this shelf is customizable and you can choose your preferred color and size. Get it here.


Half-Sphere Wall Library

wood shelf semi-circular design


3d sphere bookshelf sinking illusion

This version is made up of 14 separate pieces that can be easily assembled together without the need for screws or spikes. It comes with complete with mounting hardware and mounting instruction. It should measure 63 x 63 inches when fully assembled. You can choose your preferred shade from the color chart provided in the shop’s photo gallery. Get it here.

If you’re looking for the digital plan, we’ve got these two options for you to choose from. Simply purchase the plan from the shop and complete your payment. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a notification along with the link that will lead to the Downloads page. Then download all the files included in your order.


Decorative Shelf Plan

half-sphere decorative wall shelf

Get the plan here.


Parametric Round Shelf Plan

parametric round shelf plan

Get the plan here.