Mini Seashell Christmas Trees Are A New Trend This Year

From succulents to empty wine bottles, people are coming up with creative ways to build unique Christmas trees. Well, it seems like this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. This time, seashell Christmas trees are making waves online, and it’s easy to see why. Most, if not all, of us failed to hit the beach this year due to the pandemic scare. So, adorning our homes with these lovely coastal trees might be our best bet for now.

Luckily, there are several shops on Etsy that sell these preassembled coastal trees. They feature actual seashells and are 100% handcrafted. So, each tree is unique, and no two pieces are ever the same.


These seashell Christmas trees come with a starfish topper, so they’re perfect for decorating your home this holiday season



The ones from KP Seashell Designs come in a set of three in varying sizes. These include a 6-inch tall small tree, an 8-inch tall medium tree, and a 12-inch tall large tree.


Meanwhile, Unique Coastal Designs also offers seashell trees in small (12 inches), medium (15 inches), and large (17 inches) sizes. And good thing is, you can buy them individually. Plus, you can choose between an all-white variant or a combination of white and blue shells.


If you’re from North Carolina, then Colly Cols Shop’s seashell trees just might pique your interest. All their trees feature shells collected from the Carolina Beach. So, displaying one in your home is a great way to pay homage to your state. The trees come in three size variants—4-inch high, 7-inch high, and 10-inch high.


  For a more unique design, you might want to check out Sea Glass Boutique’s starfish tree. As per the listing, it’s made of natural white finger starfish, so it’s definitely a sight to behold. Standing at 9 inches tall, it’s bound to make a delightful centerpiece for your living room table or dining table.

These trees certainly make a wonderful decorative piece if you’re looking to give your home a coastal makeover. In addition, since they all come with a starfish topper, they’re perfect for decorating your home this holiday season. However, you might want to order yours as early as now to avoid the holiday rush and make sure they arrive in time for Christmas.

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