Stunningly Incredible Pictures That Prove There Are Things That Are Yet To Be Seen

In almost everyday of our lives, we see the things around us as something that is just usual to us just because we are used to it. With the help of our imagination and curiosity however, little did we know that there are still a lot of things which could be appreciated if we just take the time to look at them on a different perspective. Say for example, have you tried to look at something closer and realize that it resembles an authentic object? Weird isn’t it? Having said that, the following pictures you are about to see will change the way you look at them adding more beauty and life to it.


#1 This is how a space shuttle looks like when it leaves our atmosphere. It looks like more of a laser passing by a road full of snow to me, how about you?


#2 This isn’t a drill. This is just how a cyclist’s leg after the Tour de France looks like, and it’s for real.

p.poljanskiofficial / instagram

#3 Now this is not a contact lens, neither a computerized eye. This is a human eyeball following a cornea transplant.

Philawesomeraptor / reddit

#4 Ever wondered what’s making a bowling ball so heavy? Here, take a look.

elmielmosong / reddit

#5 This isn’t synthetic, this is just how the other side of a water lily looks like.

Fun fact: This Victoria waterlily can be so large that it could support a child’s weight but can also be dangerous because its leaves have sharp spines on their undersides.


#6 Now this is what a cross section of a tortoise’s skeleton looks like.

Colin Keates

#7 This isn’t an empty flat. This is just how the inside of a guitar which appears to be an expensive apartment.

OsamaBinBob / reddit

#8 Well, this would answer the long mystery of how huge power line towers are being installed.

jaycrew / reddit

#9 A time machine, you say? Nope, this is just a CT Scanner with its covers removed.

craftymethod / reddit

#10 Ladies and gentlemen, this is the inside of a grenade. Better not pull that trigger.

EnigmaEcstacy / reddit

#11 So this is how the inside of a Redbox machine looks like.

The_C0ngressman / reddit

#12 Take a look inside these precious pearls.


#13 Hold your horses, this isn’t the ship of the future. This is just what the bottom of a battleship looks like.

America’s Navy

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