Up Your Halloween Game This Year With An 8ft Spooky Light-Up Ghost Tree For The Yard

Halloween gives us a good excuse to go extreme in decorating our homes with anything dark and spooky. People have been implicitly taking the Halloween competition to their yards to see who’s got the best decoration of all? If you want to win it all this coming spooky season then you need to get this eerie-looking light up ghost tree. This is definitely the most spine-chilling ‘holiday tree’ you could ever display in your yard.

This outdoor décor may not be as gargantuan as the creepy gnarled trees we’ve seen in popular horror movies such as Poltergeist (1982) and The Evil Dead (1981). But its ghostly branches and spooky glow will make this outdoor décor as frightening as those evil trees in the movies. It stands 8 feet tall featuring 3 large branches that look like petrifying ghosts. This yard décor strikes an eye-catching silhouette to scare your guests and passersby.


Spooky Light Up Ghost Tree

spooky light up ghost tree

This creepy ghost tree has 260 warm white and purple LEDs to give it an eerie glow, setting a spine-chilling scene on your yard at night. It is made of durable tinsel with resilient metal frame. And comes with a metal base and pole to prop it up in place securely. Additionally, it has a weather-resistant coating to help it withstand the elements.

ghost tree yard decor


spooky ghost tree


spooky branches led lights

If you’ve got more space in your yard, you can place more of these pieces and turn your outdoor space into a fearsome forest. Then you can add some equally-frightening pieces in between such as this 12-ft skeleton or this Oogie Boogie inflatable. You only need to pair these formidable centerpieces with anything your wild imagination can think of and you’ll definitely become the star of the Halloween. This light up ghost tree is sure to highlight your outdoor decorating scheme in one fell swoop.

halloween yard decor spooky branches

Source: Home Depot