This Awesome Father And Son Team Turned An Old School Bus Into A Tiny Home

If you’ve ever wanted to downsize and travel around the country, then you’re going to love this post! Patrick Schmidt was living in California, unemployed and questioning what to do with his life when a random discovery changed the course of his future.

Patrick came across an old school bus from the ’90s, which was for sale for $5,000. Where some people might see junk, Patrick saw potential and bagged himself a bargain right away.

Over the next few months, he spent $9,000 completely refitting the vehicle with the kind help of his father. And now, it’s a fully functional tiny home complete with shower, toilet and sink, a small kitchen area and living/sleeping quarters. The bus even has solar panels to create its own electricity!

Patrick plans to drive around the country, taking odd jobs and just enjoying life.

Source: Instagram