Priceless Moments Where Kids Took Parenting Into a Whole New Level

Parenting is a job that requires a lot of patience. Perhaps every parent knows how dreadful it can get considering that a number of huge responsibilities is associated to it. One of the good things that go with it, however, is the fact that the children’s innocence could bring so much joy; and with the advent of technology, oftentimes, most parents tend to have their cameras ready in case something worth capturing takes place. Having said that, here are some candid and genuine moments the world has to know on how kids have taken parenting into a whole new level of fun.


#1 This kid must have been used of seeing his mom being OC at all times. Well, at least he’s being color coordinated.


#2 You know kids. They just cry out of nowhere.


#3 The feeling you get when you’re about to open your gift but you’re feeling it’s not what you asked for.


#4 This is what happens when you leave your phone with a toddler. Be prepared to see these!


#5 When you don’t have any choice but to give in because, well, they’re kids you know… So much exhaustion in this picture. Lol!



#6 How it feels when you see someone whom you have similarities with… “Not just someone, mom, it’s the prince for heaven’s sake, look!”


#7 OMG! Whoever receives this, please know that the child only wants to make the card look good. He wishes to have no ill feelings to anyone.

Sarah Dempster/ Twitter

#8 How it feels during his first day of school.


#9 When you want to have a couple shirt but still couldn’t afford to buy one. DIY hacks to the rescue!


#10 He spent too much effort just to reach this part but as soon as he did, he got tired so he decided to sleep. He’ll probably do it again tomorrow, anyway.


#11 When your kids tell you they’ll do the grocery list for you and you leave them for a couple of minutes and this happens.


#12 And our specialty for today is breaded shark, sprinkled with lego pieces with water from the used paintbrush.


#13 When someone disturbs you from your nap and you decided to give him this stare all throughout the flight. I can just imagine.

Joshua Kimmich Stan/Twitter

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