Men Explain Why They Hate Their Girlfriend’s Friends

When you enter a relationship, it’s not just your significant other you’re dealing with. You also deal with her family and friends. It’s a huge thing to get along well with these people because her friends and family were there before you. It’s a part of who she is. Below are a compilation on why men hate their girlfriend’s friends.

  1. This should be enough to make you alarmed.

2. What’s a real relationship without trust and honesty?

3. The thing about rumors is that they tell us things about ourselves we didn’t even know about.

4. It’s time to talk to your girlfriend about this and set things straight with her life.

5. Perhaps she’s the leader of the pack.

6. Girls will always need their girlfriends.

7. How about you confront them instead of ranting about them?

8. Well, you know what they say, “Birds with the same feather flock together.”

9. Girls can be so ironic at times.

10. If you think your girlfriend’s friends are a bunch of losers, don’t forget that she’s one of them.

11. If your really care about your girlfriend, you would tell her how you feel about them.

12. Think of her as Regina George from Mean Girls. But, without the mean attitude.

13. If it bothers you so much, you should tell your girlfriend how you feel. There is really no point in pretending to like them if you think they’re  a bad influence to her.

14. There’s a reason why they think of you that way.

15. All the more reason to join their night outs and guard her.

16. I wonder why he thinks their fake.

17. If she’s still friends with her exes, and you think she does this on purpose, then what’s the point of continuing the relationship?

18. I feel sad for the girl. Good thing this man knows what’s going on.

19. Priorities, priorities..

20. If you can’t stand seeing your girlfriend sad, don’t you think it’s time to do your job better? You’re there for a reason.

21. Good to know he’s got her back. Props to this guy!