Comic Reactions Of Dogs Who Felt Their Expectations Are Not What It Seems

Dogs can really be adorable and tend to do things that will just make us smile out of nowhere. Sometimes, because of their candidly comic reactions, it changes the mood around us. In addition, anyone who has had dogs would perhaps agree that somewhere along the line, dogs just have this strong sense of knowing where they will be taken to.

For some unknown reasons however, regardless of the dog’s breed, they just seem to hate it when being taken to a vet. And it is because of this “expectations versus reality” moments where they make these hilarious epic reaction. So with that, here are some hilarious moments of dogs who just seemed to have expected too much.


#1 “You told me we will just go for a walk, but why are we here? Answer me.”



#2 That suspecting look he gives you is just too hilarious to be missed. “I knew it, you monster.”


#3 When your hyperactive dog suddenly becomes a shy type of dog whenever you’re in the vet’s clinic.


#4 “Let’s play hide and seek. If I won, I’d never have to go to this place again. Deal?”


#5 That disappointed face your dog makes after he realizes he’s not heading to the park but sees the veterinary clinic instead.


#6 When you and your friend will be taken to a place you both didn’t like.


#7 I accidentally told this dog he’s going to see the vet and he’s like “Say what?!”


#8 Telling your dog he’ll be going somewhere and after he knows you’re heading to his vet.


#9 After the vet tells you that it’s your turn. “You go first.” “No, you go first”


#9 After the vet tells you that it’s your turn. “You go first.” “No, you go first”


#11 “You said I’ll be having a good time.”

#12 So this is what it feels when it’s too late for you to say no.


#13 Before knowing where you’ll go, during the call your owner makes to somebody and after hearing your vet’s name.


#14 When you thought you’re heading to the park but the driver decides to go the other way.




#15 “I trusted you. Why did fail me?”


What can you say about these hilarious reactions? Have you experienced any of these yourself? Share us your thoughts!