Find Out How This One Simple Change Has Saved Hundreds Of Lives


Safety is important in daily life, no matter what we're doing. As much as we think that nothing bad will happen to us, the truth is that humans are fragile creatures, and there are all sorts of hazards that could do you harm, even in the 'safety' of your own home! Now, we all know what a 'biro' or ballpoint pen is, but you would probably never consider it to be particularly dangerous. In fact, there are some potential hazards from these pens, but just one simple change has probably saved hundreds of lives over the years! Take a look!


Ballpoint pens can do some amazing things. They can even be tools for great art!

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'Bic' is the most popular brand of ballpoint pens around.

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We know you've seen them… at work, in the classroom, you probably even have more than one at home!

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But, sometimes you get bored, and this happens…



Now, you won't be the first or the last person to chew on their pen cap, but there have been many tragic cases of people choking to death doing this!



So Bic decided to make one very simple change. They put a hole in the end of their pen caps. This way, if it does get lodged in someone's throat, air can still pass through.



Sure there may be other methods to avoid choking on a pen cap, but we think that the hole idea is the most sensible!


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