16 Awesome Ideas That Are Borderline Genius


Who is coming up with these awesome ideas?! They are so simple yet so effective you could say they are borderline genius. Did you know that there's a padlock you can use that requires your fingerprint to unlock it? Or an umbrella that you don't even need to hold when you're using it? These are just a couple of the genius products and ideas we have found that you'll simply love. Some of them are even available right here on Awesome Inventions! Check out the collection below.


Dipping Pouches

dipping pouches

Find them here: Dipping Pouches


Reusable Candles

reusable candles
Benjamin Shine


Hands Free Umbrella

hands free umbrella

Find it here: Hands Free Umbrella


The Humanscale Day Bed

recliner with table


Ice Sticks Tray

ice sticks tray

Find it here: Ice Sticks Tray


Dolphin Boat

dolphin boat


Fingerprint Padlock

fingerprint padlock

Find it here: Fingerprint Padlock


Hyundai E4U Mobility Scooter

travel pod



Hot Iron Holster

hot iron holster

Find it here: Hot Iron Holster


Wooden Cable Tidy

wooden cable tidy


Cable Tidy Box

cord organizer


Turn Signal Jacket

turn signal jacket


E-Board Ironing Board

e board
Mohsen Jafari Malek


Thermochromic Table

thermochromic table
Jay Watson Design


Restaurant Call Buttons

restaurant call


Cylinder Ice Cream Scoop

cylinder ice cream scoop

Find it here: Cylinder Ice Cream Scoop