Amusing Jokes From People Who Have A Brilliant Sense Of Humor

In a world that is unfortunately filled with hate and misery on numerous occasions, it’s important to find time to enjoy life. One thing that definitely makes a person happier is laughter. We feel that being amused is just good for a person’s soul. With this in mind, here we present some amusing jokes from people who have a brilliant sense of humor. Hopefully they will put a smile on your face! Take a look!

Amusing Jokes

Wow! What a generous birthday gift! 

They make a good point! 

We would have loved to have seen housekeeping’s reaction! 

If only you could get away with this in every industry! 

Figuring a woman out can be tricky… 

Eating candy can come with consequences! 

A horrendous moment… 

Or, when you accidentally touch your soul… 

Although this is funny, the message is important. Always get your self checked at the doctors! 

This hotel knows how things go… 

Well, we didn’t see that coming! 

We’ve never seen a passport photo like this before! 

How to ensure no one steals your mug! 

Motherly love comes in many different forms…

The perfect balloons to give to someone you hate.