17 Space Saving Ideas For Your Kitchen


Did you know there are some fantastic ways in which you can really utilize the space you have in your kitchen? From wall mounted food dispensers to using a peg board to hang utensils, there's bound to be some ideas here that everyone can use. They all have one thing in common which is that they are all great space savers!


Use all of the wall space possible by adding shelving for glasses.

use wall space

Remove the cupboard door from your corner unit and install a Lazy Susan for easy storage.

lazy susan corner cupboard


Use a peg board for hanging utensils, pots and pans.

pegboard utensils
A Beautiful Mess


Or install a hanging bar.

hanging bar kitchen
Practically Modern


A pull-out chopping board is a great space saver.

pull out chopping board
Blue Ridge


A fold-down breakfast table will save space as you can store it away when it's not in use.

fold down breakfast table
Page 9 Design


Add magnets to small tins and use them for herbs and spices. Store them on the fridge.

spices on fridge


Here's some great ideas for utilizing your inside cupboard space.

inside cupboard doors
Brit + co.


Make use of the space where your fake drawers are.

open fake drawers
Dump a Day


Install a dish drainer above your sink inside a cupboard.

dish rack over sink



A magnetic knife rack not only looks awesome it also saves space.

magnetic knife rack
Snacko Backo


Chop and wash your food over the sink to save space.over the sink grippboardFind it here: Over The Sink Grippboard


A storage cart is a great way to free up cupboard space.

storage cart
paper tigers, ernest and me


Add rolling shelves inside your cupboards.

cupboard drawers
Lovely Crafty Home


Make use of the space under the sink with some hooks and a basket for storage.

under the sink hooks
I Heart Organizing


With recessed power outlets you'll be able to push your appliances right up against the wall.

recessed power outlet
Popular Mechanics


Wall mounted food dispensers will save on cupboard space while looking super stylish. wall mounted food dispensersFind them here: Food Dispensers

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