Pizzas Living Life To The Fullest


Photographer Jonpaul Douglass clearly has a 'thing' about pizza. You could say he likes his al fresco….to the extreme! In his photo series, pictured below, you will find pizza lounging on a deck chair, pizza replacing the basketball in a slam dunk manuovre, and pizza casually riding the backs of both a dog and a horse, as though it were some type of salami-covered saddle. Douglass reckons he'd order two fresh uncut pepperoni pizzas on each photo outing he took for this project. Sometimes, he'd let the pizzas harden up before he posed them. Perhaps rather amazingly, considering some of the more wild photo shoot locations, Douglass told BoredPanda that he often ended up eating his photo subjects. "They rarely went to waste." Wow…check out the results of this pizza play below!

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