The ‘Puttacup’ Is A Vent Cover That Allows You To Swap Out Your Old One And Practice Your Putting Skills Indoors

Snow-covered ground in cold winter won’t allow us to practice putting, which is one of the most integral parts of a golf game. But with the Puttacup, we can now putt golf balls indoors as much as we want. It is the ultimate solution for golf lovers living in a cold winter climate who aren’t able to go outside to practice putting.

You probably think that this is like any other practice putting cup that you can find on the market. But it’s not. Most indoor putting cups have a slight elevation off of the floor to create a lip around the cup. The elevated lip or ramp keeps the golf ball in place. And this feature is necessary since you cannot drill a hole through the floor of your home. However, having to deal with elevated ramps doesn’t make your practice as realistic and smooth as possible.  It is for this reason that this unique putting cup was created.


This practice putting cup is a vent cover replacement

puttacup practice putting cup

This features a full putting cup that you can place flat on the floor to create a realistic golf hole. Furthermore, you don’t need to cut a hole in the floor platform just to install it. This ingenious putting cup is designed as a vent cover replacement, thus turning your HVAC vent into a golf cup. Aside from its full putting cup, it also has built-in venting holes to still allow proper ventilation. So you can practice putting indoor without annoying ramps or the hassle of cutting a hole into your floor.

practice putting cup vent cover replacement

The gadget was designed by Paul Wilson, a golf instructor, who initially conceived the idea of an indoor practice putting cup when he was 14 years old. As someone who is living in a cold winter climate, Wilson had to find a way to improve his putting skills while being stuck indoors.

“I tried using above ground putting devices but they didn’t allow you to putt into a real golf hole in your home.”, Wilson shares. “So after thinking about it, I noticed the floor heating vent was already cut into the floor.  I pulled the vent, stuck a towel down and cut out a piece of cardboard the size of a golf hole and taped it down. Now, I could putt into a real hole at home. The Puttacup was born.”

It is made of high impact plastic that can last for years. The device measures 10 inches long and 4.25 inches wide to fit into standard floor heating vent. If your floor vent isn’t this size, do not order this item as it will not fit. Since this is the standard floor vent size in US and Canada, the item is exclusively offered to these countries only.


Remove the floor vent cover

remove floor vent cover


Insert Puttacup

puttacup installation


Practice putting

putting cup vent cover


practice putting cup indoors


puttacup vent cover replacement

This indoor practice putting cup is easy to install. Simply remove your existing floor vent cover then replace it. It’s that easy!  Now you can practice putting in the comfort of your home even under extreme weather.


Watch the indoor practice putting cup in action on the video below

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Source: Paul Wilson Golf