Make Up Artist Spends 50 Hours Creating Awesome Wonder Woman Costume

Rhylee Passfield is a 22-year-old freelance makeup artist and children’s party entertainer. She has created an awesome Wonder Woman costume that cost only $30 to put together! Rhylee used a yoga mat, some duct tape and a heat gun to achieve her fabulous look. The creation took about 50 hours to bring to life. Take a look below to see the process!

Rhylee Passfield as Wonder Woman

Firstly, she duct-taped her torso then used a pattern to cut out the body shape from a $6 yoga mat!

Duct Taped and Pattern

She then used a heat gun to curve the desired shape. The breastplate was made using fake nails!

Breast Plate Pattern

Next, Rhylee used thin craft foam to make the eagle and the belt. Once complete, she attached them to the body.

Eagle and Belt

The body was then spray-painted but the more intricate details were hand-painted.

Painted Costume

The same methods were used to create the headpiece, gauntlets and leg armor.

Headpiece, Gauntlets, Leg Armor

For the skirt, Rhylee used some scrap vinyl that was glued onto boyleg underwear.

Skirt of Wonder Woman

The shoes, that were acquired from a thrift shop, were also spray painted.

Shoes of Wonder Woman

Here is the previously finished product beautifully worn by Rhylee herself complete with makeup to perfectly portray the Wonder Woman look!

Wonder Woman

She has since updated the costume. See below





Here Are Some Of Rhylee’s Other Stunning Transformations!

Not only is Rhylee talented at making costumes, she’s also a sensational make up artist as the images below prove!


Avatar Makeup Transformation

An amazing Halloween idea…

Holloween Makeup Transformation

Spooky and gorgeous all in one.

Makeup Transformation

This creepy creation could cause nightmares!


 Source: Instagram