Women Dealing With Infertility Share Their Struggles

Announcing that you’re expecting a baby is probably the happiest news you can give to your family and friends. Of course, you’d expect them to jump for joy to show how happy they are that you’re pregnant. But, what if you can never announce this good news to anyone, ever? Women dealing with infertility feel this agony every time they hear other women announce their good news. Here we have a list of women sharing their struggles…

How can they understand?

The feeling of being left out.

Accept your fate with a peaceful heart.

When will it be me?

The pain of losing your precious one is hard to endure.

There’s always something there to remind you of your misery.

The son I never had.

It’s killing me inside.

Look at the goodness in your life and focus on it.

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Stay strong. 

Life differs from man to man. When somebody gets something that you desire, it’s hard but kind to be happy for them.

Yes, it’s hard. But the moment you learn to experience happiness in other people’s success is the moment you start overcoming your sadness.

Life is too short to carry around a huge dead-weight of bitterness.

Change your perspective in life and see yourself as a victor, not as a victim.

Comparing your life with others can be sad.

Don’t lose hope. Miracles are possible.

This sounds a bit insensitive indeed. 

Accept your flaws and realize your strengths.

The feeling of sadness is is normal, don’t be so hard on yourself.