Watch These Kids Answer The Question ‘If Santa Was A Woman, Could She Do The Job?’


Marketing agency 'Anomaly' has teamed up with 'Elle's #MoreWomen' campaign to make this thought-provoking video. In this short film, they ask kids of varying ages the question, 'If Santa was a woman, could she do the job?' And, what were the results? Well, it turns out that most kids are pretty sexist! Most of the children said no, saying that she'd probably get lost, she'd be too busy looking after her baby, and she wouldn't be strong enough to carry all the presents, among other responses. Although it's just a light-hearted question, the results are rather worrying. Kids only pick up these kind of opinions from the world around them, so what exactly is giving them the idea that women are less capable than men? Certainly some food for thought there! Check out the video below to see these kids' full responses!




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