Women Confessions: Moments When They Got Pregnant With Their Ex

There will always be a point where we have to call it quits with someone, but will it really be over? We tend to get attached with someone very easily that it gets so hard to get over them. It certainly is not an easy task to cut ties with someone who was once very dear to us. Although the bridges have been burned, there will always be trails. That’s why,  unexpected events will happen next that may or may not rekindle the fire. Some might regret it, while others might have planned it the whole time.  Read these women confessions on times they found out they’re going to be a mom, with their ex as the father.

  1. There’s a sudden turn of events. You know what they say, “Someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. “

2. This makes a good movie plot.

3. Try to outsmart a pregnant woman, I dare you.

4.What would be the reaction of the baby’s father? Let’s hope for the best.

5. Some people just don’t take a stand to their words.

6. This is so sad. Nobody has to go through this.

7. It’s never right to abort a baby. No good will come out out of that.

8. You might have a strong reason to give him if he declines.

9. What’s wrong with just telling the truth? Why do you have to drag an innocent baby into this?

10. You can never think straight whenever you’re in a vulnerable state.

11. If she says no, trust me. It’s really a no.

12. Is he even human?

13. I think this is a sign from above to take things slow and lay off for some time.

14. Ladies should be smart enough to ditch this kind of man.

15. Why are men like this? What’s their deal?

16. This is confusing. It’s their one- year anniversary but he’s sleeping with another girl. Wait, what?

17. Take things slow and relax for a bit.

18. But, he still has a right though. He’s the biological father of your kid.

19. It should be taught in kindergarten never to play with other people’s feelings.

20. Keeping the child may be hard, but it’s the right thing to do.

21. Love really makes everyone dumb for a moment.