13 Parents Explain The Bizarre Reasons Why Their Kids Are Crying – Part 1


There are all sorts of challenges that people prepare for when having kids, like teething troubles, potty training, teaching them to read, and so on. But then there are those challenges that you might not even expect if you’ve never had kids or are a first-time parent. Not least of these is that kids will cry and throw tantrums for the weirdest reasons. From not being allowed to trick or treat in the spring to being unable to hold all their crayons at the exact same time, there’s no problem too small for kids to shed tears over. These thirteen parents have explained the bizarre reasons why their children are crying, and it’s pretty darn funny. Take a look!



This must be a tough day for you, kid.


Trick or treating should be at least a bi-annual event.


Ours is not to reason why kids care about such weird things.


He’s just crying to keep his you-know-what together.


These things can be confusing.


You can’t always get what you want…


Sharing can be tough.


Next time we’ll cook them in the cold oven…


Microwaves are a menace!


This baby cracked under the pressure.


Don’t worry, there’ll be more receipts.


We don’t blame the girl.


This is pretty much how we feel about mornings, too!

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