Bizarre Toys That Will Leave You Wondering

Parents are often mindful of what they buy for their children. Kids spend a lot of their time playing with and learning through toys so they often need to be vetted. However, some toy companies don’t seem to bear this in mind. Here we have a selection of bizarre toys that will leave you wondering! Take a look! 

This toy is taking googly eyes to the next level.  It might be a little creepy for a pair of “curious eyes”.

This is weird.

Masha might need a good facial foam and a moisturizer. She looks awful with those huge pores.

The fully-grown Masha

I am confused on how to feel about these toys. They send an odd message. 

This does not look like a toy.

Wow granny, what strange eyes you have… 


 What happened to the beautiful face of Will Turner? They ruined it.

What happened to his face?

Just what every kid needs! 

The “Handitaur”.

Well, these don’t look very fun! Who wants to feel guilty eating cookies? That sad face is not very appetizing. 

That cookie is misplaced.

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Would you look at those satisfied faces and bloated tummies. These Ninja Turtles have been well fed. 

The ninja turtles, full- tummy version.

Because playing with hazardous things is a good example for kids. Great job!

A great example for kids

Expectation vs. Reality. 


All is well and fine until… 

Never look inside.

Straight to the point! 

What were they thinking?

A flashing dinosaur… we’ve seen it all now! 

This looks inappropriate.

Or, we could teach kids to not judge others for their dietary choices… 

The vegan busters.