”It Was Never A Dress” Is A Campaign That Will Change The Way You Look At Women’s Bathroom Signs Forever


Activist, author and programmer Tania Katan has come up with a novel way of brightening up mundane womens' toilet signs. Instead of the dress-wearing bathroom sign figure we're used to, Katan's signs feature a woman in a superhero-style cape, along with the slogan, "It was never a dress". A clever design, sure, yet what's the point of it? Turns out Katan, the Curator of Code at software developer Axosoft, launched her "It was never a dress" campaign in an effort to encourage more women into tech jobs, a usually male dominated domain. Check out the cool imagery below…

Website: itwasneveradress


The campaign aims to empower women by changing how we look at bathroom signs.


In the campaign's photography, the women's bathroom sign is actually a silhouette of a super hero.


Tania Katan wants to see more women become involved in software development.



She hopes her campaign will see more women be inspired to enter the tech industry, often thought of as a man's domain.


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