Weird and Genius Inventions Japan Can Brag About

Japan is a country of invention. It didn’t just give us cars, robots and laptops – its influence over pop culture also paved the way for some quirky and surprising inventions that are beyond extraordinary for words.

Today, we at Awesome Inventions have compiled a list of unusual Japanese inventions for the whole world to see. While some of these may seem strange for now, there’s a 95% chance these products will become the next craze.

Want to know if it’s raining outside? That won’t be a problem when you’re inside the elevators in Osaka.

eigosensei / reddit

These beloved monsters will certainly keep you in a good mood while flying with All Nippon Airways (ANA).

Suoh Sato / flickr

Because Japanese women are shy, thus the creation of women’s toilets with gentle noise devices.

Metal poles to keep cyclists from overspeeding.

barroda / reddit

Most chewing gums in Japan are sold with tiny napkins for wrapping used gum and then disposing it in the garbage at home. This is what being a law-abiding citizen is all about.

hoowahoo / reddit

Such a tiny ball of cuteness floating in space. This Japanese drone is flying around International Space Station (ISS) capturing the work of the astronauts.

nemotes / imgur

These space chocolates are way too pretty to devour.

notoriousTIMP / reddit

IG worthy drain covers.

Tombo_64 / reddit

Japanese umbrellas that change color and have patterns when wet. They’re too pretty you might find yourself wishing for rain every day.

flipbook62 / imgur

The answer to comfortable hours of gaming.

Caiusj / imgur

Cute or creepy? This instant photo booth in Japan takes Photoshop to the next level.

nic_padula / reddit

Special razors to encourage men to shave their legs.

AdaKwon / pikabu

A vending machine producing handwritten texts. The perfect combo for old-school and modern devices.

Artarinom / pikabu

Uniquely shaped fruits and vegetables that are tasty to boot.

DrKingAce / imgur

Japanese architecture is always on point.

marscat / pikabu

This Exosuit created by Japanese scientists aims to boost human strength – perfect for factory workers, nurses and people in the care industry. Price starts at $5,000.

GallowBoob / reddit

Japanese butter stick to make those morning toasts easy-peasy.

sarah_bolwell / Twitter

Moving to a new place? This “Moving the house” truck opens sideways for easy loading of bulky furniture.

Biflindi / reddit

Disney’s Cars is brought to real life with these smiling bumpers for Suzuki twin cars. Utterly adorable, don’t you agree?

Timon31 / pikabu

In need of a facelift? There’s no need to go under the knife thanks to Japan’s Facewaver Exercise Mask. 5 minutes of wearing this a day helps tightens the face and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.


Dying to have a beautiful voice? This beauty voice trainer can give you that dulcet sound you’ve always wanted!


Too lazy to walk to the fridge? Why not get this voice command movable fridge from Panasonic?


This phone booth fish tank is a must-see tourist attraction in Kyoto.

AlbertGross / pikabu

Kiss me quick! This lip plumper is the answer to having luscious, sexy lips in no time.


Pokeball Surprise Bath Bomb. Who knew bath time could be this fun?

karmael / reddit

Thanks to this tiny hole in the glass, you can now shake hands with an otter.

dmitriid / imgur

An umbrella parking station you can use for free.

japonika / pikabu

Japanese locals hate the smell of tobacco. Thus, a policeman will offer you this garbage bag when smoking in public areas.

ITspletnik / pikabu

Which inventions shocked you the most? Tell us in the comments below!