The ‘We-Shed’ Is A Pair Of His And Her Sheds Conjoined By A Deck

Everybody needs relaxing me-time once in a while. Thankfully, ‘he-sheds’ and ‘she-sheds‘ exist to provide men and women with their own personal abode. Now, the ‘we-shed’ is a thing and it is designed for couples who need their personal space that is not too far from their partner’s place. Imagine this as a shed for him and one shed for her with a conjoined deck. You can both have separate sheds but also share some time together by meeting at the deck. Apparently, some couples literally won’t last a day without their partners. Although they need some time to be alone, they also want to be with their other half most of the time.

This is why this shed was designed and created. Although the separate sheds are connected by a deck, this doesn’t mean that one can invade the other’s cave. Of course, privacy should still be strictly observed. These conjoined sheds aren’t only for couples but are also perfect as hunting/fishing cabins. Furthermore, the shed is a portable structure that you can set up anywhere. You can place it on a safe spot overlooking a breathtaking scenery and rent it out on Airbnb.


The We-Shed features two separate sheds connected by a single deck


The shed was designed and customized by Portable Buildings of Greater Houston for a certain client. If you live within the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area then you’re in luck. You can contact them on their Facebook page to have them build your own. But if you live outside Texas, you can only ask your local shed manufacturer if they can build you one.

portable buildings of greater houston shed

The company’s Facebook page did not disclose any detail regarding the interior design probably for customer privacy’s sake. But by looking at some of their finished products, we can have a concrete idea of what the inside of the shed looks like.

we-shed interior design


portable buildings of greater houston shed manufacturer


portable buildings of greater houston shed interior


portable buildings of greater houston she-shed interior


we-shed she-shed possible interior design


we-shed she-shed interior design


we-shed he-shed possible interior design


portable buildings of greater houston shed interior bathroom


portable buildings of greater houston shed interior design

Source: Facebook