Tragic But Amusing Images Showing A Series Of Unlucky Events

As cliche as it may sound, we truly are the captains of our own ships. On a day to day basis, we all make decisions. However, the fact that we are responsible for these decisions doesn’t guarantee a good outcome or that things around us will be cooperative. So perhaps, it’s really safe to say that we are not fully in control of our lives! Here are some tragic but amusing photos of unlucky events that will make you feel better about your own bad luck. Take a look!

#1 OMG! No way! Please tell me that did not just happen.

anamazingredditor / reddit

Next time, try to drink without the helmet on.

Reddit | Cladop

#3 Woah! The pipe burst on the top floor…

Prostoilogin / pikabu

#4 When you’re ready to do whatever it takes to get that something you’ve always been wanting.

Zaychig / pikabu

#5 What happens when you insist that it’s a perfect fit.

doctor00000 / pikabu

#6 Never leave the sunroof of your car open on a cold winter’s night or else…

GiveMeInternet / twitter

Glass doors can be dangerous.


#8 Well, this is gross to the highest level. Remind me not to eat ice cream anymore.

PanzerOfDeath / pikabu

#9 “Do you want to build a snowman?”

HopMusorok / pikabu

#10 When bad days just keep on coming after another.

Zaychig / pikabu

#11 Expectations vs. Reality really does hurt.

Katazza / pikabu

#12 The designer must have just followed the client’s instruction.

youandmeandrainbows / imgur

#13 When life knocks you down but you have to act as if everything is under control. Plot twist: her dress got stuck on the escalator.

nellaella / imgur

#14 Uh oh! Didn’t see it coming.

Deathman / pikabu

#15 One of the saddest thing that could ever happen after washing something. How in the world are you supposed to wear it after it shrunk?

Imperskij / pikabu

#16 In case you’re wondering, this is for real. How? That, I don’t know.

DrunkAzSkunk / imgur

#17 Yes indeed, it truly is the worst day for the owner(s) of this car and the pool…

anamazingredditor / reddit

#18 The house belongs to the snake now.

M00nM4nL1v3s / imgur