This Twitter Account Renames Everyday Objects With Hilarious Results

Do you ever just look at something, a piece of food or an animal for example, and think that they could have been named something so much better? You’re left wondering why of all of the logical choices that could have been used, instead something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense was picked instead. Well, unfortunately, we can’t go around altering the names of things just because we disagree with them. However, we can imagine the amusing replacements we would use instead! Here we have some hilarious images brought to you by a Twitter account that renames everyday objects. Take a look and see what you think! 

Bagel Seeds

If only you could grow bagels this way. 

Bread Moisturizer

Without it, bread is left horribly dry. 

Cereal Sauce

As true as this is, this isn’t our favorite because people use milk for drinks as much as they use if for cereal. 

Curvy Unicorn

Because unicorns come in all shapes and sizes. 

Duck Puppy

We just love the nose. 

Fart Squirrel

Whilst this is a perfectly fitting name, we do think skunk suits. 

Land Cloud

Sheep scatter land the way clouds scatter the sky. Perfect! 

Mountain Fountain

One we would like to avoid! 

Panda Fish

We think whale actually sounds a bit more mighty. 

Prison Pony

Nothing to see here, just a prison pony rocking their stripes. 

Sea Flap Flap

Because the dictionary would be way more interesting with words like this in it. 

Snowman Blood

Just don’t tell the kids! 

Squid Squad

We will be using this phrase from now on. 

T-Rex Deer

Not to be messed with… 

Wizard Cow

If there’s an animal that should be able to do magic, it’s this one. 

Yellow Tree D*cks

Because sometimes you just want to say things as you see them!