15 Hilarious Tweets About Being British You Will Appreciate

If you’re British and reading this, you’re about to laugh at how much you relate to these tweets. If you’re not British, you’re about to get a hilarious insight into some of the common problems, occurrences and general antics of everyday life that the British face. And, if you’re a Twitter user, you’re about to find a new favorite account to follow. Take a look, enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below of any other typically British things that you haven’t seen on this list!
Website: BritishReaction

That is one interesting way to drink!

British politeness in a nutshell…

Every damn time!

Haha! Brilliant!

Deliveries are just the best.

This is so true!

It’s crazy how many of these things you didn’t notice until you read them!

One of the most common lines said in Britain. 

The rudeness is infuriating. 

Praying hard! 

But then, you have to awkwardly run/walk across as they insist you go! 

The actual facial expressions used in this situation!

Just in case!

Vagueness at its best!

Silence = Near Death