Funny Pictures Showing How Humor Can Make One Happy Family

A family that laughs together stays happy forever. Humor and laughter are essential features of a happy and healthy family. In fact, sharing a laugh with the family members strengthens relationships. Aside from that, humor can also improve perspective and helps someone cope with problems in life. It’s also equally important to help your own children build a sense of humor. This will encourage them to spread happiness and understand the value of laughter. So whatever comes their way, they are sure to overcome any adversity with a laugh. Here are pictures to prove how humor can make one happy family.



This can be a perfect gift for your younger brother or sister. Don’t forget to capture their disappointment on camera.

A dad gets a little too crafty with his kid in a craft store.

A police dad pranks his daughter by chasing down her car and making her pull over. Surprise!

A girl told her uncle to put a hat and sunglasses on his dog’s rear because it looks so funny. He did and this is what it looked like.

A mom made pickled beets for her daughter with this label. We hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

When you asked your grandmother to walk your dog while you’re at work.

This girl received these balloons from her dad on her birthday. I forgot to mention that her father is a dentist.

Happy conversation and laughter are important parts of a healthy and happy family.



These parents made this joke for their son who was twice-married and twice-divorced. They keep wondering what will happen next.

Be more specific when you ask your husband to pack a bag for your daughter.

Would you say that your Mom really loves you when she keeps on showing a humiliating photo of your childhood to everyone?

This is how to warn other members of your family that the milk has gone bad.

A Mother’s Day postcard showing how great a mother could be.

After a wife sent a message to her husband about her promotion at work, he replied with this photo with a caption “Look! And I can keep a screwdriver in my belly!”

“I came by to check on the house. As it turns out, my uncle had come before me and left this.”

“My dad is the funniest person he knows.”