Chris Has Made Tiny Hats for the Toad Who Regularly Visits Him

When we have visitors, we always make sure to entertain them and keep them comfortable during their stay. But Chris Newsome has a very different approach in welcoming a certain guest. He first noticed a particular toad chilling out under his porch one summer night. Chris thought the little creature would hop away after some time and didn’t give it any much attention. But he later noticed that same toad coming back to visit him day after day. That’s when he realized that the toad might need something from him. And Chris was quick to assume that it needed a hat –  a fabulous toad hat, that is.

fabulous toad hat

Just like that, Chris suddenly became a hatter for a toad. He revealed his unusual story on Imgur as he also explained how he created the fabulous toad hat. “Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material,” he explains.

The unusual visitor

toad frequent visitor chris newsome

Chris Newsome crafted a fabulous toad hat for his frequent visitor

fabulous toad hat foam paper

For a more fashionable look, he used pink-colored foam paper to form the dapper miniature hat. Then he attached a pink feather on the side for a touch of a debonair character. As for the finishing touch, a stylish monocle perfectly turned his little friend in vogue.

fabulous toad hat feather


toad in a fabulous hat


fabulous toad hat monocle

As you can see from the photos, the toad actually has a bright future as a hat model. After seeing the amusing result, Chris went on to create more hats for his frequent visitor. The friendly toad looks cool in this funky baseball cap.

toad in baseball cap chris newsome

And how about this trendy cowboy hat with a lasso accessory?

toad in cowboy hat chris newsome

The toad seems to be fine with all the hats. Moreover, we can say it is doing well in sporting each fabulous toad hat. But we can’t say the same to his dog Daisy who doesn’t seem too happy with the mini hat.

dog in fabulous toad hat

At least we can all understand where she’s coming from.

Source: Imgur