3D Printed Planets And Solar Systems That Bring Space To The Comfort Of Your Home

For those who are fascinated by space, you are going to love what we have to show you! London based artist George Ioannidis created a company called ‘Little Planet Factory’ after struggling to find a Mars globe that he liked. Little Planet Factory specializes in creating various models of planets, moons and suns in a range of sizes from 10mm all the way to 200mm. These would make great teaching aids, home decorations and gifts for those who love all things space related. Take a look at a some of the models below!
Website: Etsy

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Moon.

Titan Globe

Venus Globe

8 Planets Of The Solar System.

Cosmic Background Radiation Globe

Earth And Moon.

Earth Globe With Surface And Underwater Relief Detail.

Jupiter And Earth.

Mars With Water.

Moon Globe With Surface Relief Detail.

Pluto Globe

Solar System In A Bottle.

Sun, Jupiter, Earth.

Solar System In A Bottle.

The Four Galilean Satellites, Jupiter’s Four Largest Moons.