20 Classic Paintings Given The Star Wars Treatment


Have you ever wondered what some of the world's greatest paintings would look like if we lived in the Star Wars galaxy? Let's face it, you probably haven't, but artist Wintersixfour has! This talented artist has digitally removed some of the main figures from 20 classic paintings and has replaced them with characters from the Star Wars franchise. Most of the additions to these paintings are immediately obvious, but some are a bit more subtle. Are these pieces genius, or the work of someone with far too much time on their hands? Only you can decide!

Website: Wintersixfour on Facebook


Winter Landscape


Tolstoy Ploughing


The Anatomy Lesson Of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp


The Scream


Starry Night Over The Rhone


A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte




Woman With A Parasol


Young Woman Reclining In Spanish Costume


Portrait Of Sir John Sinclair


The Singing Butler


Girl With A Pearl Earring





Hand With A Reflecting Sphere


Elvis I & II


The Ballet Class


David Holding The Head Of Goliath


Christina's World


Pyramid Of Skulls


Head Of A Dog


It's not often that classic art and Star Wars meet, but it should more often because these digitally altered images are amazing!

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