23 Funny Times People Took Instructions Very Literally

There are some people who can’t follow instructions, whist others take them to a tee. Here we have some amusing photos showing times people took instructions very literally. They all deserve an award for being outstanding!

Told our 3-year old daughter New Year is special because you get to toast to a new year. She asked, “Are we gonna make a toast now?” Hence, a new ritual was born.

Asked my friend to peel half the potatoes in the bag and this is what she did…

So I asked for a half pint of beer and this what I got…

Problem solved!

“My daughter London fell asleep in her car seat so I told my husband to put her to bed. He did exactly that. Bless him.”

My way of eating “more greens.”

One pepperoni pizza please.

My mom said to bring only rolls for dinner…

Girlfriend requested a sponge cake for her birthday and I happily obliged – I’m confused why she got mad at me.

Had this gift wrapped as ugly as possible. Wish granted!

I ordered a lettuce burger…

Asked my son “to give me a hand.” Well, at least he’s a good boy.

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Wanted mushrooms at a Chinese restaurant and it was still growing on a log when it was served.

I was asked to cook dinner in the oven at 120 degrees. It took some time but I think I managed it just right.

Asked my grandpa to put my phone in rice to dry it out, but he cooked it with rice instead.

My brother asked me to save him a little bit of everything as he had to work…

Someone’s trying to be funny…

This isn’t what I wanted…but yeah, technically it’s correct.

I was asked to put toilet paper on the shelf…

Smart kid.

Told the wife to set a reminder on her phone. Obviously, we have different ideas.

I told the new guy at work we wanted a copy of his passport. This is what I got.

Dad was asked to get an “unconventional tree” that didn’t need decorating.